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Bandwidth’s ‘Texties’ Recognizes Business Messaging Innovation

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Bandwidth 'the texties' award winners and finalists honored for innovation, impact in business messaging

Bandwidth Inc. (NASDAQ: BAND), a global enterprise cloud communications leader, recently unveiled the winners and finalists of its inaugural “The Texties” awards. This novel annual accolade celebrates outstanding achievements in business text messaging among Bandwidth customers, showcasing how strategic messaging can drive impressive business outcomes, all while ‘The Texties’ recognizes business messaging innovation.

Sandy Preizler, Bandwidth’s Chief Revenue Officer, praised the winners and finalists for their creativity and impactful use of the company’s messaging platform. The inventiveness and variety of their use cases for messaging were just as impressive as the business results they achieved,” Preizler noted, underscoring the pivotal role of innovative communication in today’s digital landscape.

Highlighting the Winners

  • Attentive Mobile emerged as a standout, enhancing SMS marketing for over 8,000 brands with its new AttentiveAI. This tool, trained on an expansive dataset, has significantly boosted engagement and sales, marking a major step forward in AI-driven marketing.
  • DeansList revolutionized communication in education with its Two-Way Texting feature. This feature allows educators to maintain crucial contact with students and families, overcome language barriers, and foster educational success.
  • Review Wave dramatically improved patient engagement in independent medical practices. By integrating advanced messaging solutions, clinics have seen a notable increase in online visibility and patient inflow.
  • Through strategic SMS marketing, Yotpo demonstrated exceptional growth for Princess Polly, highlighting the potent synergy between e-commerce and mobile technology.

Acknowledging the Finalists

  • Directful, specializing in the hospitality sector, leveraged SMS to predict and capitalize on guest travel intentions, significantly boosting revenue.
  • MessageDesk addressed common communication hurdles in real estate, enhancing connectivity and facilitating a significant property deal.
  • MyTextMate offered crucial organizational tools to students, directly contributing to improved academic performance and time management.
  • Reachify enabled restaurants to streamline operations and enhance customer interactions by reducing reliance on phone communications, focusing on service quality and efficiency.

The ceremony streamed on LinkedIn Live, celebrated these achievements, and set a benchmark for integrating SMS technology in various industries.

About Bandwidth Inc.

Bandwidth is a pillar in the cloud communications sector, enabling powerful customer interactions through its comprehensive Communications Cloud. The platform supports various services, from voice and text to emergency communications, across over 65 countries. Trusted by major tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, Bandwidth continues to innovate at the intersection of communication and technology, driving forward cloud communications capabilities.

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Exploring the Impact of Business Text Messaging

The transformative power of business text messaging, as showcased by “The Texties,” is not just about improving communication—it’s about fundamentally altering the way businesses interact with their customers and internal teams. Let’s delve deeper into how these innovations are reshaping industry landscapes:

Enhancing Customer Engagement Through AI

  • Attentive Mobile’s AttentiveAI represents a leap in how businesses can personalize communication. This AI-driven tool optimizes messaging strategies by analyzing vast data, resulting in higher engagement rates and increased sales. This is particularly crucial in a digital era where personalized customer experience is a brand’s key differentiator.

Bridging Communication Gaps in Education

  • DeansList’s application has shown that effective communication is foundational to educational success. By providing a platform for seamless interaction between educators and families, DeansList has facilitated increased involvement in student education and improved the overall educational process by making it more inclusive through message translation capabilities.

Revolutionizing Healthcare Communications

  • Review Wave’s impact on the healthcare industry highlights the importance of efficient communication in patient engagement and management. Their tools have enabled clinics to enhance their digital presence and streamline patient interactions, which is crucial for patient satisfaction and clinic growth.

Driving Retail Success with SMS Marketing

  • Yotpo’s collaboration with Princess Polly demonstrates the significant impact of integrating SMS marketing into retail. The ability to engage customers directly on their mobile devices has shown a tremendous increase in conversion rates and ROI, proving that timely, relevant messages can lead to successful marketing outcomes.

Impact of Messaging Technology on Businesses

  1. Improved Customer Engagement:
    • Messaging technology also allows businesses to interact with customers in real time, leading to more meaningful and personalized engagement. Customers appreciate the convenience of messaging for inquiries, support, and feedback, which fosters stronger relationships and brand loyalty.
  2. Streamlined Communication Processes:
    • Moreover, messaging technology streamlines organizational communication between employees and external stakeholders. Instant messaging platforms facilitate quick decision-making, project collaboration, and information sharing, reducing reliance on email and phone calls.
  3. Increased Efficiency:
    • Messaging technology frees up employees’ time to focus on more value-added activities by automating routine tasks and communications. Chatbots and automated messaging systems handle common inquiries, appointment scheduling, and order processing, thus improving operational efficiency and reducing response times.
  4. Enhanced Customer Support:
    • Messaging technology enables businesses to provide round-the-clock customer support through chatbots, automated responses, and live chat features. Customers can receive assistance and resolve issues quickly, leading to higher satisfaction and reduced support costs.
  5. Personalized Marketing Campaigns:
    • Businesses also leverage messaging technology to deliver targeted and personalized marketing campaigns to customers. SMS marketing, chatbots, and messaging apps allow for tailored messaging based on customer preferences, purchase history, and demographics, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates.
  6. Real-time Feedback and Insights:
    • Messaging technology facilitates the collection of real-time feedback and insights from customers. Surveys, polls, and feedback forms delivered via messaging platforms also provide valuable data for businesses to improve products, services, and customer experiences.
  7. Omni-channel Communication:
    • Additionally, messaging technology enables businesses to engage customers across multiple channels, including SMS, MMS, chat apps, social media, and website chat. This omni-channel approach ensures consistent communication and seamless channel transitions, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Future Trends in Business Messaging

Future Trends in Business Messaging

Looking forward, the success stories from “The Texties” suggest several trends that may define the future of business messaging:

  1. Increased Integration of AI: As businesses seek to personalize communication at scale, AI and machine learning will play pivotal roles in analyzing customer data and predicting behaviors.
  2. Cross-Platform Communication: With consumers using multiple digital platforms, businesses will likely adopt more integrated communication strategies that connect SMS with email, social media, and other communication channels.
  3. Regulatory and Security Enhancements: As SMS use increases, so will the focus on securing these communications and ensuring they comply with global data protection regulations.

This recognition at “The Texties” not only underscores Bandwidth’s commitment to excellence but also highlights the transformative potential of strategic text messaging in achieving remarkable business results and enhancing customer engagement across industries.


In conclusion, ‘The Texties’ awards play a crucial role in recognizing and celebrating excellence and innovation in business messaging. By honoring companies and individuals who demonstrate outstanding achievements in leveraging messaging technology, these awards showcase the transformative impact of messaging on modern business practices. ‘The Texties’ not only celebrate successful implementations but also inspire industry-wide innovation and advancement.

Through these accolades, businesses are encouraged to push the boundaries of creativity, effectiveness, and customer engagement in their messaging strategies. Ultimately, ‘The Texties’ serves as a testament to the importance of embracing innovation and excellence in business messaging to drive success and stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.