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The Channel is the Message: Best Practices Guide to SMS Marketing!

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best practices guide to sms marketing

In a world dominated by digital noise, SMS marketing shines as a direct and personal channel. It’s quick. It’s to the point. But are you leveraging its full potential? Let’s dive into the best practices for SMS marketing and make every text count. So, when it comes to performance and ROI, YepText performs more outstandingly than other providers. Don’t forget to check that out.

The Industry’s Best Practices for Effective SMS Marketing!

1. Get Permission First: Would you walk into someone’s house without knocking? Probably not. Similarly, don’t text without permission. Always ensure you’ve got explicit consent before you hit send. It’s not just polite; it’s the law!

2. Keep It Short and Sweet: You have a limited space—use it wisely. Make sure your message is clear, concise, and compelling. Remember, no one likes reading a novel via text.

3. Timing is Everything: Think about when you’re sending your message. Avoid late nights or very early mornings. Aim for times when people are likely to check their phones, like lunch breaks.

4. Personalize Your Messages: “Hey [Name], we thought you’d love this!” sounds much better than a generic message. Personal touches make your audience feel special.

5. Include a Clear Call to Action (CTA): What’s the point of your message? Make it clear. Whether it’s “Click to shop” or “Reply YES,” ensure your recipient knows what to do next.

6. Test and Track: Just like any other marketing channel, you need to measure your SMS campaign’s success. Analyze open rates, responses, and ROI. Adjust your strategy as needed.

7. Don’t Overwhelm Your Audience: It’s easy to think more is better, but not when it comes to texting. Keep your messages infrequent to ensure they remain impactful and anticipated.

8. Always Provide Value: No one likes spam. Always make sure you’re offering something worthwhile, whether it’s an exclusive discount or important information.

9. Stay Compliant: Beyond gaining permission, be aware of local laws around SMS marketing. Include opt-out options in every message.

10. Integrate with Other Channels: Your SMS strategy shouldn’t stand alone. Integrate it with your email, social, and other marketing campaigns for maximum effect.

11. Maintain Brand Consistency: Your text messages should echo your brand’s voice. Whether you’re quirky, formal, or somewhere in between, stay consistent across the board. Your audience should recognize you, even in a text.

12. Avoid Text Speak (unless it’s on-brand): “BRB,” “LOL,” “OMG” – these might be okay in personal texts, but in business? Not always. Unless it’s totally aligned with your brand voice, steer clear of text abbreviations.

13. Ensure Two-Way Communication: Let your customers talk back. If they reply to your SMS, ensure there’s a system in place to address their responses. Whether it’s feedback, questions, or concerns, two-way communication fosters trust.

14. Be Mindful of Frequency: Again, less is often more. Text too often, and you risk annoying your subscribers. However, text too infrequently, and they might forget you. Find that sweet spot!

15. Preview and Proofread: Always preview your texts. This will help you ensure they look good on the screen and make sense. A typo can change the message’s meaning and hurt your brand image.

16. Segmentation is Key: All your subscribers are different. Segment your list based on demographics, purchase history, or behaviors. This allows for more targeted, relevant messaging.

17. Celebrate Special Occasions: Who doesn’t love a birthday discount or a holiday greeting? Use your SMS channel to send out special wishes or offers during festive times or individual milestones.

18. Be Transparent: Let your subscribers know how often they should expect messages from you. Setting expectations from the start reduces the chances of opt-outs.

best practices for sms marketing

Final Words!

SMS marketing might seem straightforward, but it requires thought, strategy, and respect for your subscribers. By following these best practices, you’ll build a strong relationship with your audience—one text at a time. Remember, in the world of SMS marketing, it’s not just about reaching out; it’s about resonating. Happy texting!