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Alta Global Group Acquires Hype to Reach 640 Million MMA Fans

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Alta Global Group (NYSE American: MMA), known as “Alta,” is a technology leader specializing in transforming martial arts and combat sports training. It proudly announces its acquisition of Hype, a dynamic digital marketing platform. The terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed.

About Hype

Hype has garnered attention in the tech community for its significant venture capital backing, totaling over $22 million invested in developing a robust, scalable digital marketing platform. This platform is celebrated for its extensive array of products designed to propel small business growth worldwide in the digital age, particularly through social media channels.

The platform cleverly combines features of mobile website building tools similar to Linktree with the comprehensive email and SMS marketing functionalities typical of CRM systems like HubSpot and integrated payment solutions. This synthesis makes it particularly appealing for business owners who predominantly operate from mobile devices, such as those running combat sports facilities.

Hype’s Achievements

To date, Hype has facilitated over $40 million in processed payments, helped businesses amass more than 4 million contacts, and it currently generates roughly $200,000 in annual recurring revenue. The platform is specifically tailored to enhance revenue streams for small enterprises, especially those in the combat sports arena, by providing straightforward, effective tools designed to boost profitability.

Alta anticipates that incorporating Hype’s technology into its suite of services will not only fast-track its technology roadmap by approximately 18 months but also realize significant capital expenditure and development cost savings. This acquisition is also expected to reduce customer acquisition costs for the gyms partnered with Alta.

Strategic Importance of the Acquisition

Nick Langton, CEO and founder of Alta, emphasized the strategic importance of this acquisition: “Securing Hype is a monumental development for Alta. By integrating this cutting-edge technology with our current offerings, we are set to dramatically enhance the way our gym partners can generate revenue and engage with their members. This initiative will notably expedite Alta’s overarching goal to increase participation in martial arts and combat sports, thereby boosting shared revenue opportunities.”

Alta is set to extend Hype’s innovative products to its vast network, which includes over 500 partner gyms and thousands of coaches and athletes globally. The integration anticipates launching a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, enriching revenue potential from every relationship on Alta’s platform.

Additionally, the potential of Hype’s technology extends beyond martial arts and combat sports. Its demonstrated effectiveness and global customer base suggest adaptability to other local and community-based sports.

Statements from Executives

By incorporating Hype’s expert team, Alta is enhancing its in-house tech capabilities, transitioning from reliance on external tech services to a more integrated, cost-efficient in-house operation. This move significantly strengthens Alta’s ability to deploy advanced technological solutions designed for the combat sports industry.

Langton added, “We are incredibly excited about the future possibilities that the acquisition of Hype brings. With this team and their innovative technology, we are poised to revolutionize how combat sports businesses engage with their clients and tap into new revenue streams.

For additional information on Alta Global Group, please visit their website at For details on Hype, visit their site at

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About Alta Global Group Limited

Moreover, Alta Global Group Limited is a pioneering technology company that enhances the global martial arts and also helps combat sports industry. The company aims to maximize monetization opportunities by increasing consumer participation and enhancing community offerings. Additionally, Alta seeks to transform sales channel development, customer onboarding, engagement, and the growth and retention of membership revenues across gym communities.

Forward-Looking Statements

This press release includes forward-looking statements regarding future operations and financial performance of Alta Global Group. These statements, made based on current management expectations, involve risks and uncertainties that could thus significantly affect expected results. Factors that could cause results to differ materially include market changes and also other risks discussed in the company’s SEC filings. Alta disclaims any obligation to update these forward-looking statements.

Impact on MMA Fan Engagement

Current Trends in MMA Fan Engagement

  • Social Media Dominance: Fans follow MMA content on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok for updates and behind-the-scenes content.
  • Streaming Services: Fans now watch live events and highlights on-demand via streaming services, boosting accessibility and engagement.
  • Interactive Content: MMA organizations use live Q&A sessions, polls, and also virtual meet-and-greets to connect with fans.
  • Personalized Experiences: Fans increasingly seek personalized updates, merchandise suggestions, and event notifications based on their preferences..

How Hype Will Improve Digital Marketing Strategies for MMA

  • Comprehensive Marketing Tools: Hype offers website building, email/SMS marketing, and payment processing for cohesive campaigns.
  • Enhanced Social Media Engagement: Hype’s tools streamline content creation and distribution, increasing reach and interaction.
  • Data-Driven Marketing: Hype’s analytics track engagement, understanding fan behavior for tailored strategies.
  • Mobile Optimization: Hype’s mobile tools ensure effective fan engagement via smartphones.
  • Custom Campaigns: Create targeted campaigns for specific fan segments, enhancing engagement.
  • Simplified Management: Hype also simplifies digital marketing, focusing on quality content and audience engagement.

Expected Growth in Fanbase and Engagement Metrics

  • Increased Fanbase: Hype’s marketing tools attract a larger, more diverse MMA fanbase.
  • Higher Engagement Rates: Personalized, interactive content boosts likes, shares, comments, and click-through rates.
  • Enhanced Revenue Streams: Better engagement increases merchandise sales, tickets, and subscriptions.
  • Greater Retention: Consistent, personalized communication enhances fan loyalty and retention.
  • Broader Reach: Digital strategies expand MMA’s global reach, attracting new regional fans.
  • Better Fan Insights: Analytics provide insights for refining strategies and improving engagement and satisfaction.

Future Plans and Projections

Alta plans to:

  • Extend Hype’s Products: Integrate Hype’s tools into 500+ partner gyms and thousands of coaches and athletes globally.
  • Launch a SaaS Model: Introduce a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model to provide continuous digital marketing and engagement solutions.
  • Enhance Revenue Potential: Boost revenue from every gym, coach, and talent relationship on Alta’s platform by leveraging Hype’s innovative tools.
  • Expand Market Reach: Use Hype’s capabilities to attract new customers and expand into new geographic markets.
  • Develop New Features: Develop and launch new features on Hype to meet changing market needs.
  • Optimize Customer Engagement: Utilize Hype’s technology to improve customer engagement and retention for gyms and coaches.
  • Increase Efficiency: Hype’s technology integration streamlines operations and reduces costs, making it easier for gyms to manage their marketing efforts.
  • Facilitate Data-Driven Decisions: Use Hype’s platform’s analytics and insights to help gyms and coaches make more informed business decisions.
  • Support Small Businesses: Extend Hype’s functionalities to support small businesses beyond the combat sports industry, enhancing their digital marketing capabilities.
  • Foster Community Growth: Encourage growth within the martial arts and also combat sports communities by providing tools that enhance member engagement and participation.
  • Drive Innovation: Invest in research and development to keep Hype at the forefront of digital marketing technology.
  • Strengthen Partnerships: Build stronger partnerships with existing clients by offering enhanced services and support through Hype’s platform.