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Constant Contact and Telgorithm Unlock SMS Marketing for Sole Proprietorships

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SMS Marketing - Constant Contact and Telgorithm

Telgorithm, a leading provider of messaging API solutions renowned for its innovation, has unveiled a pioneering collaboration with Constant Contact. This partnership, titled “Constant Contact and Telgorithm Unlock SMS Marketing for Sole Proprietorships,” marks a pivotal moment in digital marketing.

As Constant Contact becomes the inaugural omnichannel platform to integrate SMS marketing for sole proprietorships, leveraging Telgorithm’s distinctive SMS API technology, this collaboration bridges a critical gap in the marketing landscape. By bridging this gap, this collaboration empowers solopreneurs to enhance their outreach strategies significantly.

With over 300 million smartphone users in the United States, SMS marketing offers small businesses a direct avenue to engage consumers, boosting sales and fostering loyalty through personalized and immediate communication. Yet, for many sole proprietorships lacking a federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) or tax ID, accessing SMS marketing proves challenging, hindering their ability to expand reach and nurture customer relationships.

SMS Marketing for Solopreneurs

Enter Telgorithm’s groundbreaking 10-digit long code (10DLC) messaging technology circumvents this barrier by enabling compliant bulk SMS messaging for sole proprietorships without needing a federal EIN or tax ID. Teaming up with Constant Contact’s robust digital marketing platform, this solution empowers entrepreneurs to launch SMS campaigns seamlessly, driving customer engagement, sales, and business growth. As the sole omnichannel digital marketing platform supporting SMS marketing for sole proprietorships, Constant Contact and Telgorithm offer a transformative solution for solopreneurs aiming to harness the power of SMS marketing.

Russ Morton, Chief Product Officer at Constant Contact, emphasizes the company’s dedication to empowering small businesses of all sizes to excel in marketing. He highlights the growing consumer preference for text communication and the collaborative effort with Telgorithm to pioneer an industry-first solution. This innovation enables sole proprietorships to leverage SMS marketing to drive customer engagement, promote products or services, and expand their customer base. Morton expresses excitement about the possibilities this partnership unlocks for Constant Contact’s solopreneur customers and extends gratitude to Telgorithm for their collaboration.

Compliance with Carrier Restrictions

Beyond the advantages mentioned earlier, Telgorithm’s messaging API ensures sole proprietorships maintain compliance with carrier restrictions on message volumes, thereby enhancing deliverability. Thus, with its exclusive Smart Queueing feature, Telgorithm achieves an exceptional 99 percent deliverability rate, automatically preventing businesses from surpassing carrier message limits. Also, this capability instills confidence in businesses, ensuring that their text messages consistently reach their intended recipients and reinforcing reliable communication channels. This collaboration between Constant Contact and Telgorithm unlock SMS marketing for Sole Proprietorships, ensuring efficient SMS marketing strategies in digital marketing.

Aaron Alter, CEO of Telgorithm, underscores the company’s commitment to innovation in business text messaging. He highlights Telgorithm’s development of exclusive, patent-pending SMS API technology, distinguishing it from other providers in the industry. Tech like Constant Contact fosters partnerships, offering tailored business texting solutions, including rate limit management, for enhanced effectiveness. Moreover, using Telgorithm’s expertise, Constant Contact enhances sole proprietorship marketing with seamless text conversations, ensuring nearly guaranteed deliverability for effectiveness.

SMS Marketing - Constant Contact and Telgorithm

Challenges for Sole Proprietorships

About Telgorithm


Telgorithm pioneers automation in A2P text messaging APIs, setting new standards from compliance to deliverability in the SMS & MMS journey. Founded by telecom experts, Telgorithm addresses cloud communication needs, aiming to establish a new standard in the industry. Their mission is clear: to deliver a more reliable and transparent business text messaging service for software and applications.

Thus, with specialized automation for managing 10DLC messaging, Telgorithm ensures deliverability with its innovative throughput/rate limit management technology. Telgorithm, positioned as the future of A2P text messaging, empowers software providers to enhance revenue and customer experience through seamless SMS solutions.

About Constant Contact

Constant contact

Constant Contact offers comprehensive support for small businesses and nonprofits, providing the essential tools for building, growing, and thriving. Thus, with powerful online marketing tools, Constant Contact simplifies audience attraction, boosts engagement, finalizes deals, and expands business operations. Also, it empowers users with AI capabilities to streamline marketing, enhance customer interactions, and achieve sustainable growth effectively.

SOURCE: Constant Contact

Features and Benefits

  • Seamless Integration: Constant Contact and Telgorithm offer an integrated platform for SMS marketing, streamlining campaign management for sole proprietorships.
  • Compliance Assistance: Their partnership ensures compliance with SMS marketing regulations, relieving sole proprietorships of legal concerns and liabilities.
  • Customization Options: Sole proprietorships can personalize SMS campaigns with tailored content and targeting, enhancing engagement and conversion rates.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Constant Contact and Telgorithm provide robust analytics tools, enabling sole proprietorships to track campaign performance and optimize strategies.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Their combined offerings provide cost-effective SMS marketing solutions suitable for sole proprietorships with limited budgets.
  • Educational Resources: In addition, Constant Contact and Telgorithm offer educational resources and support to help sole proprietorships maximize the effectiveness of their SMS marketing efforts.
  • Scalability: As sole proprietorships grow, Constant Contact and Telgorithm’s solutions can scale to accommodate increased marketing needs without significant investment.
  • Customer Support: Both companies prioritize customer support, offering assistance and guidance to sole proprietorships throughout their SMS marketing journey.
  • Automation Capabilities: Constant Contact and Telgorithm’s partnership includes automation features, allowing sole proprietorships to streamline repetitive tasks and improve efficiency.
  • Increased Visibility and Reach: By leveraging SMS marketing, sole proprietorships can expand their reach and increase brand visibility among target audiences.

Compliance and Regulations

  • Legal Adherence: Compliance with SMS marketing regulations is crucial to avoid penalties and maintain the reputation of sole proprietorships.
  • Complexity of Regulations: SMS marketing regulations are intricate, necessitating expertise to ensure adherence and avoid legal complications.
  • Constant Contact and Telgorithm’s Role: Constant Contact and Telgorithm assist sole proprietorships in seamlessly navigating SMS marketing regulations.
  • Guidance and Support: Also they offer advice and support, helping sole proprietorships effectively understand and implement compliance measures.
  • Automated Compliance Features: Constant Contact and Telgorithm integrate automated compliance features into their platforms, simplifying regulatory adherence for sole proprietorships.
  • Updates and Alerts: They provide regular updates and alerts on changes in SMS marketing regulations, ensuring sole proprietorships stay compliant.
  • Risk Mitigation: Moreover, sole proprietorships mitigate non-compliance risk and associated legal ramifications by partnering with Constant Contact and Telgorithm.